Eye Exam

Routine eye examinations are provided to both adults and children in order to determine whether any eye disease or any general disease affecting the eye is present. This examination includes measurement of visual acuity, refraction (determination of need for glasses or contact lenses), evaluation of the cornea (for clarity) and the lens (for cataract), measurement of the intraocular pressure (for glaucoma) and dilation of the pupil for evaluation of the macula, retina, blood vessels and optic nerve.

The diagnosis of any disease found is discussed and necessary treatment (medical or surgical) is instituted. A prescription for glasses or contact lenses is given when necessary.

We suggest a routine examination annually for adults. A child’s first examination should be by the age of 3 since amblyopia (lazy eye), if present, is more successfully treated at a very young age.


Emergency care for serious accidents and acute problems is always available. During regular office hours, emergencies will be worked into the schedule. On evenings and weekends, our phones are answered and a doctor is always on call.

About Your Examination

The pupil of the eye frequently has to be dilated to perform a proper eye examination. This requires eye drops which often take 30-45 minutes to work. Please allow a full 3 hours for your appointment. After your examination you may have difficulty reading and bright sunlight may be uncomfortable. Please bring all of your medications with you (both eye and systemic medications) to each appointment.

It is also very important that you bring your most recent pair of eye glasses and contact lenses even if they are broken or you do not use them.