Corneal Surgery

Dr. Engelstein is a Corneal Specialist who performs corneal surgery and cares for medical diseases of the cornea. The corneal problems that are frequently referred to us include keratoconus, corneal swelling (edema), Fuchs’ Dystrophy, corneal scarring, corneal dystrophies, corneal ulcers and severe dry eyes.

What is a Corneal Transplant?

A corneal transplant replaces a damaged or scarred cornea with a clear cornea provided by an eye bank.

We are pioneers in performing a new, minimally invasive technique of corneal transplantation for patients with corneal edema (swelling) caused by endothelial disease. This procedure is called Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty. During this procedure, only the inner portion of the cornea is replaced. The recuperation time is reduced from more than one year to just several weeks, and the visual result is far superior to traditional corneal transplant surgery and is much more predictable.

Another modern technique in corneal surgery, used for treating keratoconus and corneal scars, involves a partial thickness corneal transplant where only the front portion of the cornea is replaced. In Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty the patient’s endothelium (the innermost membrane) is healthy and does not require replacement. By retaining the non-diseased tissue the risk of rejection is almost eliminated.

These modern and innovative methods of corneal transplantation are constantly evolving and improving, and we remain on the forefront in utilizing these improved techniques.